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PVC Rigid Transparent Clear Sheet


1. Thickness: 0.21-6.5mm

2. Width: ≤1280mm

3. Category: PVC transparent sheet, PVC transparent sheet with both PE film masking.

4. Color: natural transparent, transparent with blue tint.

5. No waves, Super clear, No fish eyes.

PVC Medical Sheet

Our PVC medical sheet is made by refining and calendaring hygienic PVC resin under SFDA ’s applicable regulations & national standards.

It has no poison, no sell and no pollution with less rhyolite crystal points. It has strong impact resistance, so it is also easy for forming. Our PVC medical sheet has high transparency, which means good light transmission.

PVC Matt Sheet

Product Range:

1. Thickness: 0.05-3.0mm

2. Width: 1-1.5m

3. Normal Size: 900*1200, 915*1220mm.

4. Density: 1.33-1.42g/cm3.

5. Color: white, black, blue, yellow, and so on.

PVC Glossy Sheet

Product Range: 

1. Thickness: 0.05-3.0mm

2. Normal Size: 700*1000mm, 1000*2000MM, 1220*2440mm, and Customized.

3. Density: 1.4-1.42g/cm3.

4. Color: white, black, blue, yellow, and so on.

PVC Stationery Sheet


1. High chemical stability, fine anti-fire, super-transparent;

2. Highly UV stabilized, good mechanical properties, high hardness and strength;

3. The sheet also has well ageing resistance, good self-extinguishing property;

4. Moreover, the sheet is waterproof and has very good smooth surface, and is nondeformable.

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