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Methyltin Mercaptide DX-181

Item No.: DX-181

CAS: 57583-35-4 

Formula: C31H60O6S3Sn and C22H44O4S2Sn The mass ratio of Methyltin mercaptide and Dimethyltin mercaptide is around 25/75.

Reverse Ester Stabilizer

Item No.: DX-580     

CAS: 57583-35-4 and 57583-34-3 

Chemical name: Reverse Ester Stabilizer


Item No.: DMTC

CAS: 753-73-1

Chemical name): Dimethyl Tin Dichloride

Ca/Zn/Sn One Pack Stabilizer

Item No.:  DX-8895 

An exceptionally powerful non-toxic one-pack Heat Stabilizer System that containing our in-house Methyltin Mercaptide for the C-PVC processing industries.

Antimony Mercaptide Stabilizer

Antimony Mercaptide is a heat stabilizer specially used in production of PVC transparent hard products and semi-hard products, sustained heat stability, good compatibility with PVC resin and good transparency. It also features non-toxic, less odor, no pollution, no migration and no frost. It has suitable lubricity, which especially is suitable for production technology of new type double-screw extruder.It is easy to use during processing and has good synergistic effect with organotin compound. 

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