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CPVC Resin

Product Name: Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride

CAS: 68648-82-8

Brief description

CPVC resin, an advanced engineering material, is made from modified PVC resin by chlorination. After chlorination, the irregularity and polarity of molecule bond increase, thus the solubility and the chemical stability of it also improved. The performance of CPVC is much better compared with PVC.


Extrusion Grade of CPVC resin for hot water pipe, Chlorine pipe, sulphuric acid pipe.
Injection Grade of CPVC resin for hot water pipe, Fitting Chlorine pipe, sulphuric acid pipe Valve.

User Notice

Package: 25KG/PE BAG or 1.2MT/Ton BAG.

Transportation: non-inflammable and non-explosive materials.
Storage: Should be placed in cool and dry area
Guarantee period: 12 months