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Epoxidized Soybean Oil


Product name: Epoxidized Soybean Oil / ESBO,ESO

CAS Number: 8013-07-8

Appearance: Light yellow sticky oily liquid


ESO used for epoxy resin, PVC, neoprene, nitrile rubber plasticizer.

ESO used for Calendering color polyvinyl chlorid, Ca/Zn composite stabilizer, PVC liquid compound heat stabilizer.

ESO used for Paint, ink, CCL, pesticides, such as UV coating, synthetic resin products such as UV.

ESO used for PVC products.

ESO used for Food packaging materials, medical products, all kinds of film, sheet, pipe, refrigerator seal, artificial leather, floor leather, plastic wallpaper, wire and cable and other plastic products for daily use.

Package and Storage:

Package: 200kg/drum, 1000kg/Ibctank, 22000kg/Flexitank 

Storage: over 1 year normally