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PVC & CPVC raw materials

The value of PVC and CPVC is in their versatility, relative cost, ease of installation and corrosion resistance. Keeping those advantages in mind, common uses for each differ depending on the demands of the application.

Uses of PVC

PVC is a low cost, reliable material that can also be installed without the use of skilled, expensive welders. Globally, more than 50% of PVC resin is manufactured for use in construction.

Water: The relative corrosion resistance and low cost makes PVC the popular choice in low temperature and pressure plumbing applications.

Drinking water
Storm sewers
Sanitary sewers

Housing: PVC sheet can be fabricated to replace other materials, such as wood, as a lightweight, sturdy substitute. The material is often painted or finished to give the appearance of other traditional materials.

Vinyl siding
Window frames
Window sills
Cabinet finishes

Electric cable insulation: Plasticizers can make PVC softer and more flexible for use as cable insulation. Additionally, PVC is resistant to fire and inexpensive.

Uses of CPVC

Since CPVC builds on the strengths of PVC, it can be used in many of the same applications, but can be cost prohibitive with inexpensive PVC as a viable alternative. However, when an application requires the chemical resistance of a PVC or CPVC, with demanding temperature and pressure conditions, CPVC is the reliable option.

Industrial Applications: CPVC is a problem-free, long-lasting solution for the harshest industrial environments, and is often specified in a number of demanding industries.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing: For plumbing applications that require more temperature and pressure reliability, CPVC provides a safe, efficient and flexible system resistant to scaling, pitting, and bacteria buildup—regardless of the water pH or chlorine levels.

Residential and Commercial Fire Sprinklers: The flame and smoke resistance of CPVC, along with its simple joining method, make it ideal for different housing applications.