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Who We Are

Hangzhou Juxing New Material Technology Co., Ltd., located at Hangzhou Zhejiang Province, invested and held by China's top 500 private enterprises Jianhua Group.

Juxing is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing as well as marketing of PVC heat stabilizer, like Methyltin Mercaptide, Calcium Zinc stabilizer, Barium Zinc stabilizer and Barium Cadimum Zinc stabilizer. To better meet the demands and serve for wider application area, Juxing also promote and sell PVC additives, Barium Sulphate, PVC products and so on.

In the past three years, Juxing adhearing to customer needs as the first priority and providing services to customers from all over the world. In future, Juxing will continuously focus on the pioneer of the technology and build high-effective R&D and production team to reach new heights.